At IIHT-Jayanagar, our Placement Wing is poised to help our students find the right kind of jobs that suits their talents and interest. Our courses under the IMS domain prepares our students to be industry ready from the get go.

  • We ensure that our students are well trained to face and clear any interviews with relative ease.
  • Reach out to corporates and other job prospects for our students
  • Conduct mock interviews for training purposes
  • Offer post interview training to help our students review their interview skills
  • Keep in touch with the students even after their placements in case they need additional assistance in bettering their career

Our Vision at IIHT-Jayanagar

The Placement Wing at IIHT-Jayanagar strives to offer the best training to our students in order to help realize their dreams of working at reputed establishments, which assures a steep career growth. Apart from formal training, we also organize interviews and help with their placements. We also take special interest in upgrading our student’s knowledge base in order to cater to the specific requirements of their jobs.

Terms of Placement Support to IIHT-Jayanagar Students

Our students at IIHT-Jayanagar who fill the Placement Membership Form will avail a lifelong placement support from our Placement Wing, which offers the following support-

  • Organizing interviews with the right companies that match’s our student’s profile
  • Hosting post interview training
  • Additional technical support
  • Frequently updated study materials
  • Finding References
  • Tracking career growth

If you are an alumnus / student of IIHT, click here to reach the Placement Wing


Terms of Placement Support to Non- IIHT-Jayanagar Students

Our Placement Wing offer placement support for non IIHT-Jayanagar students as well-

  • Interviews organized by the Placement Wing
  • Intimation through SMS, Phone and mails about interviews
  • Career counselling
  • Placement orientation programs

Don’t’ waste your time in going through an unorganized way to find a job. Get in touch with our professionals at IIHT-Jayanagar, where our Placement Wing will help you find the right job that suits your talents.